AlgaEurope 2017 Poster

Poster submission closed!

The applicants and authors will be notified of the outcome by 8 November 2017.

T. 10  12

Poster award criteria

Our judges will select the best academic and industry poster based on the following criteria:

    Information Clarity
    • Poster information written and presented in such a way that an informed audience could easily understand
    • Well-developed organization of information
    Result Quality
      • Accurate information and explanation
      • Appropriate quantitative analysis
      Topic Creativity & Relevance
        • Interesting, innovative topic
        • Study current and relevant
        Visual Presentation
          • Poster arranged and presented in a logical, neat fashion, including relevant tables and diagrams
          • Font color and size appropriate and legible
          Overall Impression
            • Attracted and held interest
            • Conveyed a clear message
            • Appealing layout overall
            If you have any questions with regard to poster sumbission, please contact Mrs.  Isa Putman