AlgaEurope 2017 Speakers

Keynote speakers:

Ami Ben-Amotz

Ami Ben-Amotz, Emeritus Professor of Marine Biology, the National Institute of Oceanography, Israel; Chief Scientist, NBT Ltd, Eilat, Israel and Nikken Sohonsha Co, Gifu, Japan

Large scale Open Ponds Commercial Cultivation of Dunaliella for Natural Stereoisomers of

β-Carotene for Nutrition and Medicine

René Draaisma

R&D project leader at Unilever R&D Vlaardingen, the Netherlands

René Draaisma MSc is currently responsible for bioscience projects at Unilever R&D Vlaardingen, NL which fuel Unilever’s product innovation with natural and sustainable solutions. These activities include collaborative innovation programs on phototrophic microalgae with Wageningen University and Research Centre and others, which focus on technological solutions to produce food ingredients.

René joined Unilever R&D Vlaardingen in 1997, and became involved in research projects on formation of specific food and bio-active ingredients by fermentation. René was later responsible for R&D projects on microbial fermentation and product applications, which had the objective to support Unilever’s product innovation through identification, development and application of bio-active ingredients and probiotics. René began his career at TNO, NL as a researcher on the biodegradation of poly aromatic carbohydrates, after earning a MSc in Biochemistry at Leiden University, NL and a BSc in Biotechnology at Polytech Rotterdam, NL.