AlgaEurope 2017 Abstract Book
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The AlgaEurope 2017 Conference Program

Session 1:Research and industrial applications worldwide: the global experience
Session 2:Science innovation potential in Europe
Session 3:Genetically improved and GMO algae for high value products and commodities
Session 4:Innovative processes for high value products
Session 5:Breakout to commercialization: ‘Algae Cluster’ and other ‘Lighthouse’ projects
Session 6:Value chains in commercialization: EU biorefinery and added-value products
Workshop:Algae in CCU applications
Session 7:Macro-algae
Session 8:Novel foods and animal feed
Session 9:Algae cultivation: from laboratory to commercial plants and marketing in Europe
Session 10:Wastewater treatment and use, and water recycling