03-05 December 2019, Paris, France



3 December 2019

4 December 2019

AlgaEurope Conference
5 December 2019


16.00-18.00 Pre-Registration 
17.00-19.00 EABA General Assembly

DAY 1 - 3 DECEMBER 2019

08.00-09.00 Registration  

09.00-09.10 Conference Opening 

09.10-09.35 Keynote Lecture- Andrew Spicer, Chief Executive Officer, Algenuity, UK 

"Making algae work"

09.35 - 10.50 Session 1 : Microalgae : From Strain to cultivation
Chair: Olivier Bernard, Senior Researcher, Inria, FR

09.35-09.50 Tomas Morosinotto, Professor, University of Padova, IT

"The light / dark cycles due to mixing have a major impact on productivity of algae cultivated in photobioreactors."

09.50-10.05 Loannis Tzovenis, Researcher, University of Athens, GR

"Cultivation of DHA rich dinoflagellates on biofilm photobioreactors"

10.05-10.20 Tiago Guerra, R&D management Officer, A4F - Algae for Future, PT

"Autotrophic 1-Butanol production from a GM strain of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and its accumulation in the medium"

10.20-10.35 Inna Khozin-Goldberg, Associate Professor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IL

"Lobosphaera incisa for omega-6 LC-PUFA production: omics-based insights and immunomodulatory potential"

10.35-10.50 Charlène Thobie, Process project leader, Algolight, FR

"Controlled and intensified production of microalgae"

10.50 - 11.20 Coffee break / poster / trade show

11.20 - 12.50 Session 1 : Microalgae : From Strains to cultivation

Chair: Rodolfi Liliana, Uninersity of Florence, IT

11.20-11.35 Chris Hulatt, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Nord University, NO

"Combined proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of Nannochloropsis under Nitrogen and Phosphorus starvation"

11.35-11.50 Michael Ross, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, SAMS, UK 

"Mining Porphyridium cruentum (aka purpureum) biodiversity for industrial purposes"

11.50-12.05 Anita Ljubic, PhD candidate, Technical University of Denmark, DK 

"Microalgae as a future new natural source of vitamin D3"

12.05-12.20 Andrea Fanesi, Post-Doctoral Research LGPM, France

"The architecture of monospecific microalgae biofilms"

12.20-12.50 Keynote Lecture - Ira A. Levine, Preseident, Algae Foundation and University of Southern Maine, USA

"Algae Foundation’s Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC): 2019 and beyond"

12.50-14.00 Lunch / poster / trade show

14.00 - 15.45 Session 2: Energy

Chair: Laurent Fourage, Program Manager, TOTAL, FR

14.00-14.15 John Benemann, CEO, µBioEngineering, USA

"Microalgae Biomass Production for Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

14.15-14.30 Sambusiti Cecilia, Research Engineer, TOTAL SA, FR

"Influence of salinity and growth media on nannochloropsis oculata for further co2 capture, bioremediation of oil&gas produced water, nutrient recycle and renewable energy production"

14.30-14.45 Juliane Richter, Researcher University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT

"Cyanobacteria as a Production System for Ethanol"

14.45-15.00 Teresa Lopes da Silva, Researcher, LNEG, PT

"Evaluating low-cost substrates for Crypthecodinium cohnii lipids (DHA and biodiesel) production"

15.00-15.15 Keith Cowan, Professor, Rhodes University, ZA   

"Elaboration of an algae-to-energy system"

15.15-15.30 Hilke Heinke, Group Innovation, Volkswagen AG, DE

"The H2020-project Photofuel: Biocatalytic solar fuels for sustainable mobility in Europe"

15.30-15.45 Razif Harun, Associate Professor, University Putra Malaysia, MY

"One-step microalgal biodiesel production via subcritical methanol extraction"

15.45-16.15  Coffee break / poster / trade show

16.15 - 17.15 Session 3: LCA - Economics - Ressources
Chair: Alexandra Mosch, Vice-President, EABA, DE

16.15-16.30 Pieter Oostlander, PhD-Candidate, Wageningen University and Research, NL

"Microalgae production cost in aquaculture"

16.30-16.45 Olivier Lepine, Managing Director, AlgoSource, FR

"Life Cycle analysis of a Spirulina production: comparison between a stand-alone production and an industrial ecology project."

16.45-17.00 Ryma Laifa, PhD student, Toulouse Biotechnology Institute, FR

"Development of a benchmark simulator for microalgae production"

17.00-17.15 Dorinde Kleinegris, Principal Investigator Microalgae, Norce, NO

" The national algaepilot mongstad: production of microalgae for aquaculture"

17.15-18.15 Session 4: From wild to bright – the European Commission’s perspective on algae

Chair: Vitor Verdelho, General Manager, EABA, PT

Chair: Jean-Paul Cadoret, President, EABA, FR

 Andrea Weber, European Commision, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries,
"Algae-based activities of the European Commission Replace and their role in the new political objectives"

Charlotte Jagot, EASME, Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises

“Funding opportunities for SMEs under the Blue Economy call of the EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund)”

Zoi Konstantinous, European Commission, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

"Algae Knowledge, Research and Innovation: future pathways"

Vilma Radvilaite, European Commision, DG Reasearch and Innovation

"European Innovation Council: Financing opportunities for the algae sector"

18.15 Closure of the Conference day

18.35 Departure from the conference location to the dnetwrking dinner location

18.45-23.00 Formal handover of the Roadmap of the Blue Bioeconomy Forum to the European Commission

Andreas Ligtvoet, Project Leader Blue Bioeconomy Forum

Felix Leinemann, Head of Unit Blue Economy Sectors, Aquaculture and Maritime Spatial Planning, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Networking Dinner sponsored by European Commission.

Participants will have the opportunity to propose future actions and initiatives for the implementation of the Roadmap and for a potential EU Algae Strategy



75015 PARIS 

Can't attend the AlgaEurope 2019 conference? 

For those of you unable to attend AlgaEurope 2019 in Paris,  the conference will be available for live streaming. The conference runs from Tuesday  - December 3, through Thursday - December 5. 

Register online. The acces code will be sent to you 2 days before the conference.

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