offered an unique opportunity for the exchange between academia and industry. The conference was established in a networking based environment that allows discussions on the evolution of the Algae Biomass sector worldwide and understand the role of the main European Players.

Microalgae Production Business in Europe

Microalgae are considered as one of the most promising feedstocks for a sustainable supply of commodities and specialties for both food and non-food products.

The microalgae business sector is a very dynamic one which is growing with several companies every year. The sector combines over 100 companies and 10.000 workplaces, spread throughout Europe. With different sizes and products and also more than 100 Spiruliniers (small farmers that grow Spirulina), mostly in France but spreading through South Europe. At the same time during the last years the microalgae sector attracted attention from several multi national companies as DSM, BASF, Roquette and Aqualia, interested to invest in the use of algae in their products. The products from microalgae have currently only three possible forms: microalgae paste, dried microalgae and microalgae extracts, each of which have a wide range of formulations. 

In recent years standardization in algae production is an issue that the EU and other parties are working on to ensure a reliable quality of the algae and algae products.

ALGAEUROPE 2018 was a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to be up-dated on the recent industrial developments in the field with an overview of European initiatives. Keynote presentations and panel discussion will provide a high quality forum for discussion and information exchange.

Key drivers: Production to Products & Consumer trends to Product development and Business opportunities.

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