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SCHOTT offers technically and economically superior products for tubular glass Photobioreactors (PBRs) to the algae market. Borosilicate glass tubing DURAN® allow for optimum light input for the highest growth rates. With glass U-bends, manifolds and food-grade couplings we provide reliable and long lasting solutions for bio-secure algae cultivation of haematococcus, spirulina and others.

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BUGGYPOWER is a Spanish-Portuguese business group specialised in blue biotechnology, recognised worldwide for its know-how and dedication to the cultivation of marine microalgae on an industrial scale, and in closed photobioreactors. The BUGGYPOWER Group (BGP) has developed and patented a proprietary technology that allows the production of high quality ultra-pure marine microalgae on an industrial scale. The BGP technology is highly sustainable, capable of capturing and utilising CO2 from flue gas streams
(CCU ), with minimal use of natural resources (such as fresh water and energy) and minimal pollutant and greenhouse emissions to the external environment.

The BGP Group currently operates the UP-PXO, an industrial marine microalgae production plant in Porto Santo (Portugal) in partnership with the Madeira Electricity Company (EEM). This plant, one of the largest of its kind in the world, has 2,870 vertical 8m high FBRs and a total cultivation volume of 1,100 m3. Current production reaches 20 mt per year (dry weight) of three commercial species of marine microalgae: Chlorella vulgaris, Nannochlropis gaditana and Tetraselmis chuii. The production plant is IFS-FOOD certified, in addition to other environmental standards and certifications. Based on this ingredient and since 2016, the BGP Group has made an intense investment effort to develop new products with high added value that squeeze all the biological power of this exceptional ingredient.

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Yemoja is a pioneering biotechnological company founded by experts in engineering and biology to grow and cultivate pure microalgae in a closed controlled system. This system allows the growth of any type of microalgae regardless of the environment they depend on, with consistent and high-quality results.

By cultivating microalgae in this system, one can control and track all parameters promoting growth of a desired bio-molecule. With the power of microalgae harnessed, each algal cell turns into a biological factory of your product. There are more than 500,000 known species of microalgae in the world, providing an endless sea of possibilities.

Yemoja is an eco-friendly company, cultivating only natural and wild-strains of algae through a fully-controlled, automated and contaminant-free downstream process. No chemicals and organic solvents are used to ensure no environmental exploitation.

Partnerships have been made with Professors at Ben Gurion University University of Haifa as well as with Migal for the prestigious Horizon-2020 project. Yemoja is looking to push the boundaries of the potentials held within microalgae and to deliver exclusive products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical markets.

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