AlgaEurope 2021 Trade show

Every year, several companies decide to showcase their product/technology to an expert audience at AlgaEurope.
You can too! You can register as a trade show participant!

5 Reasons to Exhibit at AlgaEurope Trade Show

1. Sales and Lead Opportunities

Trade show floors are buzzing with action as thousands of attendees search for solutions that meet their unique needs. With a careful marketing strategy, your brand can stand out from the rest and drive foot traffic into your exhibit.

2. Take Advantage of Face-to-Face Marketing

Despite recent technological advances, engaging with an actual person behind all of the numbers, proposals and contracts is reassuring. 

Trade shows offer unique opportunities to:

  • Successfully close sales and generate leads in a relaxed face-to-face environment.
  • Personally meet with existing customers to strengthen brand loyalty.
  • Create lasting business relationships with other vendors and industry professionals.

3. Boost Brand Visibility

From small businesses to large corporations, trade shows provide unique opportunities to increase exposure and connect to consumers on a personal level.

4. Research Your Industry & Competition

At trade shows, businesses stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other big names within the industry. Seize the opportunity to learn from your competition and network with professionals. Walk the floor to observe product displays, engagement tactics and sales pitches to take note of how you can improve at the next event. For example, if you observe that many companies are offering a new service, consider pitching the service during your next team meeting.

5. Showcase New Products & Services

Launching a new product at a trade show is the best way to maximize exposure and connect directly with consumers. Exhibits that incorporate creative product display solutions help set the stage to build face-to-face connections throughout the trade show. Allowing customers to experience the new product firsthand will increase interest and drive sales, even after the show has ended.

AlgaEurope Trade Show participant*

  • Table top  and electricity for 3 days
  • Your logo and 150 words on our website and in of our e-mail shots
  • Coverage in our social media campaigns
    *  booking a conference ticket is mandatory when booking a trade show space.
AlgaEurope 2021 trade show participants

aquila biolabs

aquila biolabs is a German technology start-up focusing on the development of innovative technologies for the control and analysis of bioprocesses in bioreactors and incubation shakers. We’re expanding into the phototrophic market because some of our academic partners generated very promising results using our non-invasive online biomass technology, the Cell Growth Quantifier (CGQ). The biggest advantage of our CGQ system is the flexibility, as the sensors can monitor the biomass in almost any (semi-) transparent cultivation vessel (e.g. shake flasks and photobioreactors). To enhance the chances of good results when using phototrophic organisms, we now also allow the user to choose from a broad range of wavelengths for his/her specific application/organism(s).”


Algoliner developed a new technology to realize photobioreactors made out of transparent acrylic glass pipes. Instead of producing them in factories, pack and ship them, we produce the pipes on site with a unique mobile factory in any required length. Hence packaging, transport and the re-connection of the pipe segments become redundant. This production concept does not just reduce the effort to realize photobioreactors but it also provides the opportunity to integrate functions such as aseptically flanges and other customer specific components as sensor holders, gas/liquid in and outlet ports and more into our systems. It also allows for non standard pipe arrangements, which are not feasible with conventional concepts.


Bioréa is your fermentation partner for Microalgae - You selected a strain and need to cultivate it from 5L up to tons?  You are a DSP player, and need tailor-made biomass for your projects? Bioréa, subsidiary of Agrial group, relies on its patented technology of air-lift fermentation to offer R&D - scale up services and toll-processing from few litres up to industrial volumes, either liquid or spray-dried. All under one roof, in a certified factory.

DSP to be studied. Our technology is also available in "lab' scale". So get your own CiYOU benchtop equipment and Cultivate-It-YOUrself !


AlgaEurope 2021 is being organised by:
EABA - European Algae Biomass Association and  DLG Benelux:


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