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Conference Program

Conference Program 2016

Please find below a list of confirmed speakers, updated on 04-11-2016. Check back regularly for new additions!

DAY 1 – 13 December 2016

Macroalgae, opportunities for animal health and global food security, the swine industry as an example

Key note speech by Stefan Kraan

1: Research and industrial applications worldwide: the global experience.

  • Engineering of Nannochloropsis for triacylglycerol biosynthesis – Xiaonian Ma, Peking University
  • Towards industrial products from microalgae – Maria Barbosa, Wageningen University

2: Science innovation potential in Europe

  • ALGATECH Centre in Třeboň – R&D in Microalgae Biotechnology – Jiří Masojídek, ALGATECH
  • Biofouling formation of marine microalgae on different surfaces of PBR. How far are we from solving it? – Emilio Molina-Grima, University of Almería

3: Genetically improved and GMO algae for high value products and commodities

  • Surf and turf: transferring triterpenoid plant-metabolic pathways to micro-algal hosts and their growth optimisation – Andrew Spicer, Algenuity
  • Systems biology study on the molecular basis of lipid production in Phaeodactylum tricornutum – Maria Huete-Ortega, University of Sheffield

4: Innovative processes for high value products

  • Raman microscopy shows the distribution of proteins, starch, lipids and polyphosphate within individual algal cells – Šárka Moudříková, Charles University
  • Accelerating the reliable modelling of microalgae growth through model-based design of experiments and a photobioreactor-on-a-chip technology – Fabrizio Bezzo, University of Padova

DAY 2 (EC contractors day) – 14 December 2016

5: Breakout to commercialization:’Algae Cluster’ and other ‘Lighthouse’projects

6: Value chains in commercialization: EU biorefinery and added-value products

  • Sustainable PoLymers from Algae Sugars and Hydrocarbons (SPLASH): lessons learned – Lolke Sijtsma, Wageningen University
  • Submerged Membrane Based Water Recycling & Harvesting for Microalgae Cultivation – Leen Bastiaens, VITO

7: Biofuels, chemicals, wastewater treatment, and greenhouse gas reduction

  • LCA of algal products: state of the art and perspectives – Guido Reinhardt, IFEU
  • ERC Starting Grant – BiOLEAP Biotechnological optimization of light use efficiency in algae photobioreactors – Tomas Morosinotto, University of Padova
  • Green Mining – Steve Skill, Swansea University
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of different Phaeodactylum tricornutum extracts on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells – Ulrike Neumann, Institute of Clinical Nutrition, University of Hohenheim
  • Measurement of intra- and extracellular cytokinin content of algae cultures and application of Scenedesmus sp. cultures for plant growth promotion – resulted the new foliar fertilizer of Albitech Ltd. – Erika Greipel, Albitech Biotechnological Ltd.

WORKSHOP: Algae Research Agenda for 2020 and 2030

EC Conference Dinner


DAY 3 – 15 December 2016

8: Novel foods and animal feed

  • Micro Algae for Aquaculture; Converting Art into Technology – William van der Riet, Tomalgae
  • Raising broilers without antibiotics, thanks to algae – Pi Nyvall Collén, Olmix Group

9: Algae cultivation: from laboratory to commercial plants and marketing in Europe

  • Distributing light into photobioreactor volume to produce high-density algal biomass – Ladislav Nedbal, Forschungszentrum Jülich