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Session sponsor Oroboros Instruments

Oroboros Instruments is the driving force in mitochondrial physiology with nearly 30 years of R&D experience in mitochondrial and cell research. As a result of our commitment to continuous innovation, a new PhotoBiology Module has been integrated into our high-resolution respirometer ― the NextGen-O2k. This all-in-one technology supports the comprehensive study of cellular bioenergetics in algal biotechnology, photobiology, and dark respiration, as applied in fields ranging from molecular biology to environmental physiology. The NextGen-O2k offers quality solutions for the optimization of algal growth and metabolite production, including the physiological characterization of microalgal strains for biotechnological development. R&D laboratories, research centres, hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in 49 countries benefit from the unique scientific support provided by Oroboros Instruments, complementary to the robustness, reliability, and high quality of the Oroboros technology.

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AlagEurope 2020  Sponsorship Packages


An exciting range of sponsorship opportunities has been developed to ensure a good return on investment for all sponsors and stakeholders. Sponsorship packages have been designed to suit a range of budgets. Early confirmation of your Conference sponsorship will ensure an even higher level of exposure.

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