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There are several reasons why becoming an exhibitor at the trade show of AlgaEurope 2024 can be beneficial for your business:

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* Price excluding VAT – reverse charge applied. Conference ticket required.

✓ Present your products with a tabletop

✓ Incl. electricity + white tablecloth

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  • Targeted Audience: AlgaEurope is a conference that focuses on science, technology and business in the Algae Biomass sector. By exhibiting at the trade show, you can connect with potential customers who are interested in algae products and services.
  • Networking Opportunities: AlgaEurope attracts industry professionals, researchers, and academics from all over the world. Exhibiting at the trade show can give you an opportunity to meet with other exhibitors and attendees, which can lead to new business partnerships and collaborations.
  • Brand Awareness: By exhibiting at AlgaEurope 2024, you can increase the visibility of your brand among a highly targeted audience. This can help you generate leads and establish your company as a leader in the industry.
  • Showcase Products and Services: The trade show provides an opportunity for you to showcase your products and services to a relevant audience. This can help you demonstrate the benefits of your products and services and provide potential customers with a hands-on experience.
  • Stay Ahead of Industry Trends: AlgaEurope 2024 is an important event for the algae industry. Exhibiting at the trade show can help you stay ahead of industry trends, learn about the latest innovations and technologies, and gain insights into the direction of the industry.

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Algoliner is a turnkey supplier for photobioreactors in any dimensions. Their lab reactors have volumes between 1 litre and 1,000 litres while their large scale have no limits.

With their unique production method, they produce the pipes for the large-scale reactors on site in any required length. Hence no packaging, transport and re-assembly with joints is necessary.

Algoliner is the only producer of photobioreactors with aseptically flanges.

The required raw material for our reactors is only 40 % of those of common systems, while the pipes can be easily recycled by 100%

Algoliner realized in the meantime many reactors in different sizes and concepts.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Accelerating answers to your important questions

The company’s heritage dates back to 1935, when Dr. Arnold Beckman founded National Technical Laboratories in California. That year, he sold 87 of his recently patented pH meters, a groundbreaking technology that could be used for everything from water quality testing to laboratory research.

Their mission today, which has changed little since 1935, is to empower those who are seeking answers to life’s important scientific and healthcare questions.

This mission embodies all their efforts to help customers get the data and answers they need, when they need them.

These answers may be important for expediting development of a new, life-saving biopharmaceutical, to help exonerate an innocent person based on DNA evidence, or to help monitor patients with chronic diseases.

If your life’s calling demands answers for these (or dozens of other) important endeavors, you need to know Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. No matter the type or scope of questions you have, they can help you get the answers you need — often faster than you thought possible.

Hiden Analytical

Hiden Analytical: Pioneering Algae Research

Hiden Analytical, founded in 1981, stands as a global leader in the scientific instrumentation sector. Their cutting-edge solutions, particularly the HPR-40 DSA (Dissolved Species Analyzer) and pQA, are at the forefront of advancing algae research.

Their analyzers accurately monitor dissolved gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide in algal environments. This allows researchers to track algae's photosynthetic and respiratory rates, offering insights into their health and productivity. These insights, in turn, enable the optimization of growth conditions to boost algal yield and efficiency.

Furthermore, their devices are pivotal in exploring algae's potential as a renewable biofuel source, measuring hydrogen gas production. They also aid in ecological and climate change research by assessing changes in algal populations and their role in global carbon cycles.

At Hiden Analytical, they're committed to providing precise, real-time measurements, thereby supporting scientific endeavors in understanding algal metabolic processes and environmental responses. Through continuous innovation, they remain dedicated to empowering researchers and fostering a sustainable future.

Phyta Natural Private limited

Phyta Natural, located in Tamil Nadu, India, is a prominent producer of top-tier Spirulina and Phycocyanin, recognized for their health-enhancing properties. Pioneering pilot-scale chlorella cultivation, they've achieved noteworthy success, propelling them towards a diversified product portfolio. Their commitment to innovation and unwavering quality positions them as leaders in the natural nutrition industry. As they forge ahead, Phyta Natural is poised to continue setting industry benchmarks, offering sustainable, premium products for a healthier tomorrow.

PSI (Photon Systems Instruments)

PSI (Photon Systems Instruments) is the world leader in development and manufacturing of cutting-edge instrumentation for imaging and monitoring of biological signals in plants and algae for more than 25 years. They were the first company to offer a chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system, and we remain at the forefront of technology for monitoring growth and physiological activity in samples that range from individual cells to large crop and tree species. Their products are used all over the world, at universities, research institutions and biotech industries as well. They are used in terrestrial and aquatic environments, in the laboratory and in the field, from the tropics to the high Arctic.

The quality of their products is impeccable. In 2017, the founder of PSI, Mr. Martin Trtílek, won the EY Technical Businessman of the Year, reflecting the success of PSI on the world stage, and the prestige in which the company is held by its clients. In addition to providing instrumentation, they offer dependable, and timely, worldwide support through our offices in Europe, Australia and North America.

Currently, PSI portfolio includes complete assortment for algal bio-technology from precise small and large scale photobioreactors and other cultivators, through a range of hand-held and bench-top devices for chlorophyll fluorescence detection and imaging, to fully automated phenotyping stations based on microplates and Petri dishes.

Please visit their website for more information, and do not hesitate to contact them with any questions. Or visit them in Drásov, Brno region. They look forward to seeing you!

SANI Membranes

With the unique Vibro™ Technology, SANI Membranes offers a technology where harvest, separation, and concentration can all be done in one single unit. The Vibro™ units handle harvesting, thickening, dewatering, and even separation of algae debris and protein, as well as protein concentration.

The technology makes it possible to optimize several separation processes within the algae industry, where centrifuges, hollow fibers, ceramic membranes, and other separation techniques can be replaced. Vibro™ Technology is characterized by its ability to reach very high concentrations, such as nannocloropsis up to 190 g/l and chlorella up to 290 g/l.
With Vibro™ Technology, you also get a solution that gives you a reusable permeate, scales up easily, is user-friendly, is simple to install, and has low energy consumption.






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